Discover, right now on PRIM, the Accessibility in Stations

The catalog of static data is enriched with the arrival of a new dataset, informing about the possibility of access to stations for people with reduced mobility.

How does it work?

The Accessibility Dataset contains all the stations in Île-de-France. It describes the level of accessibility of stations as well as stop areas.

By visiting the PRIM Station accessibility page, three visualizations of the dataset are available.

First, a table showing all the information available in the dataset, i.e.:

  • : the stop identifier
  • : accessibility level
  • accessibility_level_name: description of accessibility level
  • commentary: potential comments on accessibility level, such as "A and B lines accessible on request from a station agent. Line D not accessible.". The main purpose of this column is to indicate whether the level of accessibility is not the same for all lines serving the same station.
  • _name: the name of the stop
  • : the geographic coordinates of the stop

Then, a pie chart visualization, available via the dataset's "analysis" tab, shows the distribution of the Île-de-France rail network according to accessibility level.

Finally, an interactive map is available to visualize, at a glance, the accessibility of each station on each railway line. You can click on a station to see its details.

How do the accessibility levels work?

There are 4 identifiable accessibility levels within the dataset:

  • Level 1 means that the station or stop is not accessible
  • Level 3 means that the train is accessible upon prior reservation with the Assist'enGare service
  • Level 4 means that the train is accessible upon request from an agent at the station
  • Level 6 means that the vehicle is independently accessible

For level 3 accessibility at the station, SNCF accepts people who have not booked assistance and guarantees an obligation of means. Nevertheless, for people who have booked assistance, the SNCF must provide an obligation of result.

To book SNCF assistance, you can go to the Assist'enGare platform.

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