In September 2023, two new pages appeared on the PRIM platform. They are accessible from the "Data" entry and are entitled "Datasets update" and "API status".

A "Dataset update" page showing the latest datasets updated

On the "Dataset updates" you'll find all the datasets in the PRIM catalog arranged by order of last update. The last update date of each dataset appears at the top right of its cell.

In order to consult a datasetfrom the list simply click on that cell and the page dedicated to it opens. Some data can only be downloaded if you are logged in. This type of data is indicated by the "Connection required" pictogram. So all you need to do is log in to your account in order to export them.

The page"Datasets update" can be refreshed by clicking on the update time indicator available at top of page.

Ranking of static PRIM platform data in descending order of last update on the "Datasets update" .

Finally, this page also allows you to download the RSS feed of PRIM platform static data. This feed allows you, with the help of an aggregator software, to be informed in real time of updates relating to the platform's datasets.There are different types of aggregators: online readers (by means of a website), specific software (Feedly, for example), certain e-mail clients and certain web browsers. For more information on how RSS feeds work and how to use them, click here link.

Download the PRIM platform static data RSS feed from the "Datasets update" page.

An "API Status" page displaying the availability of the platform's dynamic data

The page "Etat des API" displays the operational status of the dynamic data services offered by the platform (except for the API "Calculator Île-de-France Mobilités - Isochrones").

Thus, on the page appears for each API its title as well as a colored dot and a percentage indicating the API's current level of availability.

In addition, a bar chart details the API's service availability status over the last 30 days. However,feel free to hover your mouse over the sticks on the chart to display the exact percentage of API availability on a specific date. Indeed, the height of the sticks is schematic and not proportional to the API availability rate.

It is possible to refresh the page "API Status" by clicking on the dedicated component.

On this page, we invite you to subscribe to the various APIs on the platform. In fact, this allows you to be notifiedon the e-mail address linked to your account on the PRIM platform in the event of an alert or recent change on the API to which you have subscribed. Note that you must have an account on the PRIM platform and be logged in to it to be able to add data to favorites.

Display of the current and last 30 days availability of the "Messages displayed on screens (Île-de-France Mobilités platform)" API on the page "Etat des API" .

Finally, at the bottom of the page "Etat des API" figures a agenda listing expected instabilities of API services in the coming weeks and their impacts.

Agenda of the "API Status" page listing expected instabilities on PRIM platform APIs.

Thank you for reading this article in its entirety. We now invite you to visit the two new PRIM portal pages: "Dataset updates" and "API status" to discover them for yourself. We will of course remain available on the "PRIM community"Slack as well as at the email address: to answer your questions and welcome your suggestions.

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