Discover now on PRIM the API Traffic info messages - Global query

The dynamic data catalog is enriched by a new API, powered by traffic information messages on the Île-de-France Mobilités network.

Discover it by clicking just here.

Why this new API?

Since March 20, 2024, a limit on the number of results returned per request has been implemented on the current API Calculator Ile-de-France Mobilités - Trafic messages. To lighten the load on PRIM's servers, users are limited to 100 results. At query level, this means that theth parameter count is now capped at 100. The only way to get more than 100 results is therefore to make several paginated queries.

As we did for Upcoming passages, we've set up a Bulk Query API for traffic information messages: you can now query all traffic information in a single request on this new API!

How does it work?

In contrast to the Île-de-France Mobilités Calculator - Trafic messages API, this data feeds directly into Île-de-France Mobilités media. What's more, no parameters are required to use this API.

Notable advantages:

The advantage of the Info Trafic Global Query is that it offers a more streamlined response in terms of the number of fields, is less voluminous and has the same data quality as the Île-de-France Mobilités Calculator - Trafic messages API. One of the main features of this new API is its ability to provide all traffic information in a single request. This promises enhanced performance, enabling you to obtain all the necessary data quickly and efficiently!

For a better understanding of this Île-de-France Mobilités API and the precautions for use, please feel free to consult the PRIM functional documentation - Getting started with the API Messages IT - RG, available on the "Need help" page of the PRIM portal.

Think about sharing your data Reuses with us via the channel #data-reuses of the Slack of the "PRIM community" which you can join by following this link.

We will of course remain available to support you through this change and answer any questions you may have at [email protected] and on Slack.

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