To get 2024 off to a good start, new features are appearing on PRIM! Discovering ourmost popular data and data recommendation will make it easier for you to navigate our Open Data and discover the data released on PRIM. The optimized display of datavisualizations offers better visibility of datasets.

Highlighting popular data:

A new component is available on the home page: it is the "Popular data over the last 30 days". This component lets you know the top 3 most downloaded datasets and most requested APIs from PRIM, over the last 30 days. The number of downloads and the number of requests are also shown. Clicking on the "View all data" button takes you to the catalog, sorted by data popularity.

Ideal for keeping an eye on PRIM's most-used data!

Component "Popular data over the last 30 days", available on the home page

In addition, you can now sort the data catalog according to the sorting mode of your choice: alphabetically, by popularity, or view only your favorite data.

The new data catalog sorting modes


When browsing a data detail page, you may notice the presence of a"Data-recommendation" component. By clicking on"Discover other data", you'll be redirected to the recommended data related to the data consulted, located at the bottom of the page. You can then discover the data we recommend, sorted by category.

For example, if you're used to consulting the dataset "Scheduled timetables on public transport lines in Ile-de-France (GTFS Datahub)", you might be interested in the dataset "Layouts of public transport lines in Ile-de-France (GTFS source)"related to the category GTFS. If it's data concerning the transportation offer that interests you, then the API "Calculator Ile-de-France Mobilités - Accès générique"and the dataset"Référentiel et offre théorique au format Netex"are also recommended.

Recommended data associated with the dataset "Scheduled timetables on public transport lines in Ile-de-France (GTFS Datahub)"

Optimisation of the display of datavisualisations :

To enable better data visibility, all datavisualizations have been enlarged on PRIM! You also have the option of displaying maps and custom views full-screen by clicking on the Enlarge button, at the bottom right of the datavisualization. When in full screen, you can make filters appear or disappear directly on the map by clicking on the Filters button.

Map of Bicycle Facilities in Île-de-France displayed full screen

We remain available on the "PRIM community" slack as well as at the email address: [email protected] to answer your questions and welcome your suggestions.

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