The Navigo pass, well known to all Ile-de-France residents, doesn't just offer access to the Ile-de-France public transport network, it offers you much more.

From the Picasso Museum to the Château de Fontainebleau, via the We Love Green Festival, in total more than 300 advantagesare available to holders of a Navigo pass.

These advantages can be of different kinds, they can be price-based,for example the "Théâtre Jean Vilar" in Suresnes offers Navigo subscribers over 28 access to the reduced rate and a €10 fare to under 28s, on a selection of shows:

This famous sesame also gives you the opportunity to take part in new activitiessuch as the one offered by Coulommiers Pays de Brie Tourisme which, in addition to a free seat for every one purchased, lets you enjoy a tasting experience.

That's not all, some partners like Cabaret sauvage even offer exclusive meetings with artists.

Finally, services can be offered such as gifts or complimentary drinks.

In short, don't wait any longer to take advantage of all your benefits!

Discover now the interactive card on PRIM

This map highlights places partnering with Navigo culture benefits and lets you filter to get more precise results.

First, you can choose to filter on the départements in order to get places partnering with Navigo culture benefits, right near you.

Fine-tune your search by choosing thediscipline of the benefit, this could be cinema, circus or heritage.

You can then specify the nature of the benefit (fare/service)and indicate the typology of the benefit, this could be a gift, a reduced-rate subscription etc.

Once you've used these filters, all the partner locations matching your criteria will be displayed on the map.

Clicking on a location you'll find on the tooltip the details of the benefit, how to take advantage of it and the link to access the partner's website. Note that some partners also include information about accessibility.

You can also find the associated dataset which compiles all the information from the interactive map.

This dataset is updated very regularly to offer you even more Navigo culture advantages.

A dataset subject to an open license: Etalab version française

This dataset is published under an Etalab open license, the explanations of which you can find by following this link.

So, feel free to export this dataset "Locations and partners of Navigo culture benefits" and reuse it as much as you like.

We'd be delighted if you'd let the "PRIM community" benefit from your data reuse. Feel free to send it to us at the email address: or on the #data-reuses channel of our "PRIM community" Slack.

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