To make it easier for non-French-speaking users to use the PRIM website, the PRIM platform has been translated into English. Thus,from December 2023, you have the option of translating the entire PRIM portal into English.

How to access the PRIM platform in English?

If you access the PRIM platform from a browser with a language other than French, the PRIM portal will automatically be displayed in English.

In addition, you may notice a new "FR/EN" language change button in the site header. This allows you to select the language in which you wish to consult the portal: French and English are the two languages currently available.

What are the translation arrangements for the PRIM platform?

Today, almost the entire portal is available in English: the entire data catalog, reference documents, prescriptions, functional documentation, information pages etc... Only the pages specific to login, portal registration and personal information management are not available in English.

As the translation was implemented using an automatic translation tool provided by a third-party service, some translations may be imperfect or inaccurate. If you have any doubt about the accuracy of a translation, please refer to the French version of the PRIM platform, which contains the official text.

Thank you for reading this article in its entirety. We remain available on the Slack of the "PRIM community" as well as at the email address: [email protected] to answer your questions and welcome your suggestions.

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