Discover now on PRIM the new datavisualization.

To help you navigate the complex world of public transport, come and discover the new interactive datavisualization dedicated to Ile-de-France transport tickets.

How does it work?

This datavisualisation allows you to explore the different transport passes offered by Île-de-France Mobilités, according to your profile and the frequency of your journeys.

Whether you're active, on social welfare, young, senior, or just passing through as a visitor, you'll find a pass that suits your needs.

Easily navigate online:

Clicking on a ticket takes you to the Île-de France Mobilités website, where you can view details of the ticket or package, and if necessary subscribe online or via the app.

Of course, you can use the search bar to navigate between tickets.

Whether you travel occasionally or regularly, our datavisualization gives you a clear, detailed overview of the options available.

Why this datavisualization?

Our aim is to highlight the variety of tickets and packages offered by Île-de-France mobilités and help travelers find the one that suits them best.

Also, this datavisualization can be easily integrated as a Reuses on your website, allowing you to offer your users an intuitive experience without the need for custom development.

Go now to the "interactive map" tab of the dataset Description of transport fares in Ile-de-France and start your journey through Ile-de-France transport.

Don't hesitate to share your Reuses of these datasets with us via the #reuses-of-data channel of the "Slack" from the "PRIM community".

We remain of course available to welcome your comments and answer your questions at [email protected] but also on the "Slack" of the "PRIM community", which you can join by following this link.

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