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Detailed description

The bike route calculator API returns an adapted, secure route.

The calculator returns three route choices: secure, direct or balanced. It is possible to configure the type of bike (mechanical, electric-assist, self-service, cargo or VTC). This is a complete query (1 to 1).

Entry points on the API

The entry points implemented in the query wizard simplify use of the API by responding to the main use cases.

The "body" parameter is the only mandatory parameter for making a call request to the geovelo API. In the "body" field, the values of"latitude"and "longitude"corresponding to the geographic coordinates of departure and arrival of the requested bike route must imperativelybe completed.

To find the "latitude" and "longitude" information corresponding to a geographical location, you can refer to the "/coverage/fr-idf/places" route of the API Calculator Ile-de-France Mobilités - Accès générique (v2).

Example URL to find the latitude and longitude at the concorde stop:

Access to the API

You must be logged in to your user account to access the API.

Quota limitations for this API are as follows:

User group

Number of requests per second

Number of requests per day

Old user (API tokens generated before March 13, 2024)



New user (API token generated between March 13 and September 2024)



If you wish to benefit from quotas beyond those available on PRIM, you can request them on the geovelo website.

General documentation

General documentation is available to help you better understand the API and its precautions for use.

To consult these documents in English please visit Need help ?

Technical documentation

Technical documentation provides more detailed information on the API's possible functions and settings.

P API General Conditions of Use and Data License

Use of the Île-de-France Mobilités API is subject to General Conditions of Use Data from the API is subject to the Mobility License.

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