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Detailed description

Availability of pay stations, mechanical and electric bikes at Vélib' Métropole stations.

For more information on the Vélib'service

Vélib' Métropole comprises nearly 1,400 stations spread across 55 communes in Métropole and almost 400 km² served, making it the world's largest shared bike service including electric bikes that can be recharged in-station.

The data made available provides real-time information on the number of mechanical/electric bikes at each station, as well as the number of free charging stations.

Entry points on the API

The entry points implemented simplify use of the API by responding to the main use cases.

`GET` /station_status/ : To find out how many bikes and kiosks are available per station

`GET` /station_information/ : To find out the characteristics and location of Vélib'stations

Access to the API

You must be logged in to your user account to access the API.

The quota limitations for this API are as follows:

User group

Number of requests per second

Number of requests per day

Old user (API tokens generated before March 13, 2024)


15 000

New user (API token generated between March 13 and September 2024)



General documentation

General documentation provides a better understanding of the API and its precautions for use.

To consult these documents in English please visit Need help ?

Technical documentation

Atechnical documentation provides more detailed information on the API's functions and possible settings.

General conditions of use of the API and data license

Vélib' Métropole has chosen to make its data available under "Licence Ouverte / Open License".

This license was designed by the Etalab mission as part of the Government's policy in favor of open public data ("Open Data"). Developed in consultation with all the players involved, it aims to facilitate and encourage the reuse of public data made available free of charge.

The full text of the license is available in French version and in English version.

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