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Data model

Geographic layer describing bus facilities (exclusive right-of-way lanes) in Île-de-France.


This data is crowdsourced by contributors to the OpenStreetMap project and is licensed under the ODbL license, and the attribution statement must be "© OpenStreetMap contributors under ODbL license" in accordance with
As part of Île-de-France Mobilités' survey of bus facilities, this data has been completed and verified. They were also converted into a format and data model that could be used directly in GIS format.
Work in partnership with Géovélo and Carto'Cité.


More information on the wiki dedicated to OpenStreetMap bus lanes.

The attributes selected are as follows:

Track typeVDSTwo-way, axial or lateral.
VDSCTwo-way road, including one against the direction of private vehicle traffic. Axial or lateral.
VSU1One-way road, in the direction of private vehicle traffic.
VSU2One-way road, against the direction of passenger car traffic.
Type of protectionFRFranchissable: lane marked by horizontal signs only, crossable.
PRProtected: Lane protected by curbs, not passable.

History of modifications


  • October 2021: Data initialization.

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