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Île-de-France Mobilités is pleased to provide you with schematic plans of work by month.

Please note: the amount of work on the rail network and its increasingly frequent postponement obliges Ile-de-France Mobilités to rethink its monthly reporting of the to rethink its monthly reporting on the impact of works throughout the Ile-de-France region. Production of the monthly maps is therefore temporarily suspended from March 2020 in order to work on a version that will update the information more frequently. We therefore invite you to visit the RATP and SNCF websites and SNCF websites to find out the schedule of work on your lines.

To consult the forecasts, click below:

January 2019: January 2019 work map

February 2019: February 2019 works map

March 2019: March 2019 works map

April 2019: April 2019 work map

From May 2019, two work maps are available, a week map and a weekend map.

May 2019:

June 2019:

July 2019:

August 2019:

September 2019:

October 2019:

November 2019:

December 2019:

January 2020:

February 2020:

Summer 2020:

Summer 2021:

Summer 2022:

Summer 2023:

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