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Data model

In accordance with article L 1431-3 of the Transport Code, Île-de-France Mobilités, SNCF Transilien and RATP make available to passengers information on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emitted during their journeys. emitted during their journeys.

This information is based on indicators that are updated annually in accordance with current regulations (decree no. 2017-639).

Information on greenhouse gases is available in particular in particular on the following websites:

The greenhouse gas emission emission of a journey is calculated as follows:

Emissions (in gCO2e) = distance covered to make the journey x average quantity of CO2e emitted emitted by a passenger traveling one kilometer on the mode of transport considered.

When the route takes involves several modes of transport, the greenhouse gas emission corresponds to the sum of the emissions of the journeys made in the different modes. modes.

Emission factors used for calculation

The emission factors used ADEME's Base Carbone, according to the values in force on the date the of the indicators. More information on the site:

For calculations made in 2020 (base year 2019), the emission factors are presented below. below. They include emissions emissions (direct) and upstream emissions (indirect) for each mode of mode:

Electricity (for transport use)

38.6 gCO2e per kWh

Gasoil non-road (train)

3.17 kgCO2e per liter

Road diesel road (bus)

3.16 kgCO2e per liter


0.5559 kgCO2e per m3

Car (average power and motorization)

0.177 kgCO2e per passenger-kilometer

Calculation of GHG indicators for different modes of transport

The indicators are calculated below for 2019. For modes operated by different transport operators, an average emission factor is is calculated from the average emissions of each network, weighted by its passenger-kilometers. by its passenger-kilometres. This is the case for RER and trains, as well as for buses. for buses.

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