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Data model

Geographic layer describing Île-de-France bus stations.


A bus station (formerly bus station) is a facility polarizing the pick-up or drop-off of passengers on regular public road transport services. It includes the ancillary facilities needed to welcome passengers and provide services for public transport companies. For more information on bus stations :


Captured on orthophotographic background, using plans from the SDGR (Schéma Directeur des Gares Routières - Île-de-France Mobilités).


A polygon describes the contours of a bus station.

History of modifications


  • April 2018: Update of bus station outlines, reworking of outlines, modification of fields (GRO_IDE > GR_ID, GRO_NOM > GR_NOM) and addition of new fields, in particular to link with the Île-de-France Mobilités stop repository (ZDL, LDA).

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