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Data model

A set of files describing the transport offer (timetables, routes, lines, stops, connections between stops) scheduled from July 12 to September 12, for all Ile-de-France public transport lines (OPTILE RATP and SNCF) as well as shuttles made available over the period of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The files bring together the offer of Ile-de-France train, RER, metro, streetcar, bus and coach lines.

Genealogy of the data

These data come from each of the 75 public transport operators in the Paris region, who send Île-de-France Mobilités the planned timetables for their lines so that Île-de-France Mobilités can deliver a passenger information service (Ile-de-France Mobilités).

As part of its mission, Île-de-France Mobilités consolidates, harmonizes and checks the data transmitted by operators under the terms of their operating contracts. Île-de-France Mobilités then publishes them on its website Ile-de-France Mobilités and on its Open Data portal.

Île-de-France Mobilités and the operators carry out regular monitoring of data quality.


Specific documentation is available on this dataset. It provides a better understanding of GTFS data, its structure, business concepts and possible precautions for use.

Consult documentation on Ile-de-France Mobilités data

Quality of files in GTFS format

  • The files describe the timetables scheduled from July 12 to September 12, 2024.
  • Access information has been collected by Ile-de-France Mobilités. This data is still imperfect, and actions are underway with the carriers to improve it. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to help us by sending us your comments on [email protected]
  • The timetables of SNCF lines include adaptations made during planned works, as well as substitutions made by bus (e.g.: a bus journey will be offered if a section is cut off due to works).
  • Schedules for RATP metro lines include adaptations made during planned works, as well as bus substitutions (e.g. a bus route will be offered if a section is cut due to works). Timetables for other RATP lines (bus and streetcar) do not include adaptations made during planned works.
  • The complete timetables for RER A and B are transmitted by SNCF.
  • The GTFS format does not allow for the description of Local Traffic Interdictions (ITL) that sometimes exist on certain OPTILE coach lines.

Additional information:

The GTFS specific to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the classic GTFS are technically the same. technically the same.

It's the depth of the data that changes. data depth that changes: in GTFS JOP the offer corresponds to the period the period from July 12 to September 12, 2024, whereas in the GTFS classic, supply corresponds to the period from day D to D+30. The transport offer during the Olympic and Paralympic Games will therefore be included in the GTFS but only from 30 days before their start.


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