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Data model

Geographic layer describing Île-de-France Mobilités bicycle parking facilities (formerly known as "Véligo stations").


Ile-de-France Mobilités bicycle parking facilities are a bicycle parking service offering self-service shelters and secure collective lockers.

It should be noted that on the present dataset, two columns are dedicated to fares:

  • A "price" column: which expresses the fare for users who are not Navigo subscribers, the price is entered in euros if known (example: €30, €20...), otherwise the price is positioned at (NC).
  • A "price_navigo" column: with (NA) if paid deposit for Navigo subscribers, and (0 €) if free for Navigo subscribers.


Station locations communicated during parking lot creation work.


The point is positioned at the location of the parking lot or station in the absence of known precise coordinates.


Please consult the page dedicated to bicycle parking facilities on the Île-de-France Mobilités website

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