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Data model

List of stops and lines integrated into île-de-France Mobilités' Real Time data exchange platform (for Open Data distribution).

This list is added to regularly as Real Time data is integrated into the exchange platform of each of the Ile-de-France carriers (OPTILE, RATP and SNCF networks).

Accessibility data

Île-de-France Mobilités provides access to real-time data on this perimeter of stops, via the PRIM portal.

The services offered are as follows:

  • Upcoming passages at a stop in real time (via two different APIs depending on the data source - Île-de-France Mobilités exchange platform or the Vianavigo channel);
  • Real-time disruption information for a line or stop;
  • Upcoming passages on all available stops (in a single exchange) in real time.

To access all these services and consult the associated documentation, you need to register on the PRIM platform:


For more information, it is advisable to browse the general documentation on available data.

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