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Data model

Geographic layer describing the routes of public transport projects in the Paris region. A transport line project is the improvement or extension of an existing line, as well as the creation of a new transport line.

For more information on planned lines:


A line describes the route of the project.

The quality of the data depends on the state of progress of the infrastructure project. Accuracy therefore varies from one project to another, and mapping alone cannot give an accurate account of the precise situation. Only the reference documents are legally binding and enforceable.

Only operations validated by the Ile-de-France Mobilités Board can be published on the Open Data platform. This publication does not concern data produced as part of preparatory documents for an administrative decision.

Grand Paris Express

The GIS data relating to the Grand Paris Express lines is produced by the Société du Grand Paris, which is therefore the sole holder of the rights to disseminate this data. At present, Ile-de-France Mobilités is unable to publish SGP data on this Open Data platform.

GIS data relating to the Grand Paris Express lines is produced by Société du Grand Paris.

History of modifications


  • Update (24/01/2020): Updated service status and official commissioning dates.

    Added fields with color codes from IDFM graphic principles

The metadata can be viewed in the "Data model" section, to be unfolded, below.

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