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Data model

This dataset comprises two XML files and a ZIP folder

  • Arrets_Netex.xml which describes Île-de-France Mobilités' stop repository data in NeTEx format.
  • Lignes_Netex.xml which describes Île-de-France Mobilités' line repository data in NeTEx format.
  • which describes Île-de-France Mobilités' theoretical offer data in NeTEx format.

Attention, the folder also contains files listing stops (arrêts.xml) and lines (lignes.xml). The data source for these files is the same as for the Arrets_Netex.xml and Lignes_Netex.xml files (Référentiels Île-de-France Mobilités). However, arrets.xml and lignes.xml include the following specificities:

  • Only the objects used in the theoretical offer are present in these files.
  • The structure of the files is slightly different from that of the files directly taken from the Référentiels

The data available on this dataset are extracted from the webservices of the Référentiels. The webservices will be opened at a later date via Île-de-France Mobilités' PRIM platform.


Documentation relating to Île-de-France Mobilités' transport repositories is available.

Focus NeTEx

NeTEx (Network Exchange) is a reference format for exchanging theoretical public transport offer data, defined at European level.

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