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Data model

Geographic layer describing the routes of regular commercial bus lines in Île-de-France, authorized to operate by Île-de-France Mobilités.


The "commercial line" describes the line as perceived on the ground by the passenger. In the internal management of Ile-de-France Mobilités, it is attached to an "administrative line" which encompasses one or more commercial lines. Attributes are used to make the link.
Lines are updated progressively. A discrepancy between the data and the field may be observed.


The value date of the object is used to determine the validity of the proposed route. OpenStreetMap's road repository is used to create the routes (© OpenStreetMap contributors).

History of modifications

  • April 2024: updated line layout and attributes attributes (based on the GTFS of 21/02/2024)
  • February 2024: line and attribute layout update.
  • June 2022: line and attribute layout update.
  • February 2022: line layout updated and field names resumed.
  • March 2020: data initialization, replacing the previous administrative lines data.

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